Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Christmas Goodies!

Thanksgiving passed in a blur and it was fun, but a little bittersweet spending the holiday with my husband's family and missing the fun banter with his Dad…and it was nice sharing more stories of him around the dinner table as we gave thanks for all our blessings this year.

The day after, my husband and I even ventured out into the Black Friday shopping frenzy—and if you know us, you know that is NOT something either one of us have ever wanted to try before!! LOL But there were a few things we wanted to pick up if we could and so we drove out to a few stores at 9 am in the morning. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the ones we went to didn't have any of those crazy crowds where everyone is practically foaming at the mouth to get their special deals. We even had time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at a nearby restaurant to celebrate getting our "finds" so succesfully and relatively stress-free! :-D

Looking ahead to my favorite time of the year, I've also been inspired to make some new Christmas beads. They've been well received on my Facebook fan page and Etsy shop, and I have a few more in the works that I'll be sharing soon!

Red Silvered Earring Pair

Christmas Joy Set

Winter Berries Charm Bead

If you have any suggestions for other color combinations or seasonal designs (including Winter themes) that you would like to see me make, please feel free to email me or leave a comment here any time—I LOVE getting new design challenges! *Ü*


  1. So pretty! I'm sure something extra beautiful will be made with your beads. They are gorgeous.

  2. Those are GORGEOUS! You make such beautiful beads!

    Congrats on your stress-free Black Friday, too. We decided to stay away from retail and go to the zoo, but I guess everyone else did too - it was packed!

  3. Lori, I love the top ones. Would like to see them in blue and white/silver for Hanukkah -

    1. What a great idea, Linda! I will definitely make some of those soon! :-)

  4. Fantastic Beads as always. ♥

  5. Glad the shopping was stress free! You couldn't pay me to go out on BF!!! You are a brave lady!

    The new designs are lovely!

  6. Your beads are gorgeous as usual, good thing I don't make jewelry items or my husband would be in trouble :)

  7. OH LORI! I LOVE those red & silver beads...those are luscious! It's beads like those that make me wish I did jewelry again...

  8. Your beads are amazing!

  9. I love them! I hope they sell well for you this season!


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