Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giving Max Love

What a difference even just one week makes?! Last week I wrote about how much I miss our Indy since he passed away after Christmas—and yes, the hole is still gaping wide in my heart for him (and probably always will). But even back then, we were exploring the idea of helping to foster other dogs in need, if just to help with the healing process since we felt such an emptiness in the house without him. I didn't feel ready to commit to adopting just yet, but had a lot of love waiting to give out to any that would need it.

After weeks of searching through the Petfinder website for potential matches, I found several candidates, got my hopes up, then was saddened to hear that the first three shelters I applied to foster a dog with ended up not having them available for us. But I think God must have saved the best for last, since I finally found and connected with an amazing shelter called K9 Rescue & Rehabilition, run by Tamera Kesterson and only about 20 minutes away from us.

We were initially only going foster a dog or two that she thought we'd be perfect for helping to socialize, but after looking through her roster of adoptable dogs, one of them stood out for me in a big way. So we made an appointment to come down this past weekend to visit and this is who we ended up deciding to bring home with us…

Yup, the one I had my eye on! Isn't he handsome?! He's a 2 year old German Shepherd that is a little on the shy side since he was left in a lonely barn stall for 7 to 8 months with hardly any social interaction until Tamera found him. And he's the hugest dog (75 lbs. and still needs to gain some weight back!) I've ever considered for our home, so I admit I was a little intimidated by him at first. But there was something very sweet and gentle in his eyes, so we were all smitten immediately and didn't hesitate to agree to take him home with us.

Technically, we're just his foster family for the time being—but if all goes as we hope and he and our little Romeo can get along well, then we'll be making this big guy a permanent family member. His name was Kamali, but we changed it to Maximus (aka "Max" for short) since we thought it suited his personality better.

We just got him last night, but by today, he was already relaxed and trusting enough to accept his first tummy rub! Do you think he's figuring out he just might like it here?!? LOL And he's so smart too…already learning how to sit and come on command, play fetch, and ask nicely to come in and out of the back yard.

Obviously, we're still in the beginning stages to see how everything goes, but we have high hopes it continues to work out and Max will be very happy with us. There will always be a special place in our hearts for Indy and no one could ever replace how wonderful he was—but there's room for other loves too and wouldn't it be great if we all found a new joy together?! *Ü*

P.S. — If you're thinking about getting a new pet, please think about adopting one from a shelter or rescue organization. Our adorable Romeo was a shelter dog and is such a great little companion, we can't imagine why anyone could have let him go!? They will give you an incredible amount of love and devotion in appreciation for giving them a safe new home!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Counting My Blessings

Indy & Me…unexpectedly wanting to share a pillow at nap time instead of laying at my feet. LOL

I woke up in the middle of the night and started crying as I realized that my Indy wasn't laying at the foot of my bed to give me a sleepy kiss as he had nearly every night for almost 15 years…and he would never be there again since his unexpected passing just a few short weeks ago…

I've been missing my "furry baby" quite a lot and have been feeling a little depressed, even though I've been trying to keep up the pace of my day-to-day life with a cheerful spirit. I know we were very blessed to have had such a special companion all those years—but it's truly been a struggle to regain my usual "snap" without him by my side each day.

God knew just what my heart needed as I opened up my emails this morning and found this video entitled "Gratitude" from my dear friend Lisa waiting for me… (hit the "full screen" option for the maximum impact!)…

WOW!! What a gentle and wondrous reminder that each day is a unique opportunity to appreciate all the we have been given through God's care and the wonders of the world around us. I hope you will take the time to share this amazing video and be encouraged to look around you today (and every day!) for all the blessings in your own life—and to be a blessing to those around you as well! *Ü*

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