Saturday, May 25, 2013

Frit Testing: Lilac Mist

I'm getting ready for what will hopefully be a fun and rain-free Memorial Day weekend with my family, but wanted to share a few things first! I just received several samples of the new frit blends from Glass Diversions and although I've only had a chance to test two of them so far, I can tell these are all going to be wonderful to play with! This blend is called Lilac Mist and has a lovely combination of purple, blue and grays in it.

From left to right: Swirled over Effetre Pastel Gray, over CiM Hades and silver foil, over Effetre Violet opaque, and over CiM Peace white.

I ended up encasing all four test beads since this frit tended to devit a bit if I worked it too long in the flame (which I usually do when just playing around to see what a glass will do). I'm sure if I worked it faster and cooler, I could skip the encasing layer if I wanted to, but I usually like that effect since it magnifies all the pretty colors and patterns. This blend is softly feminine and easy to work with—sure to become one of my favorites!

And are you wondering about the funky new shape in the third bead from the left? That was created using the Baroque Beadroller from CGBeads that I got while I was at the Whole Bead show earlier in the month. I've been playing around with it this week and having a lot of fun learning how many different looks I can get with it!

Someone recently asked me on my Facebook page what I used to mark the sizes on my graphite tools, so I thought I'd share my answer here too, for those of you who might be having the same problems? I first clean off the surface dust with a damp cloth and let it dry, then use a Silver Metallic Sharpie pen to write the sizes next to each cavity. (If you make a boo-boo, a little nail polish remover on a Q-tip will take it off.) I do this for my brass presses too, but with a black Sharpie pen. This really helps me when I make my notes for different bead designs and sets as a quick reference for when I'm writing up my listing descriptions for Etsy, and it's easy to recreate them any time I like.

If you're a fellow beadmaker, you're in luck, because Donna is offering free shipping this weekend on all her beadrollers! Just click HERE to get to her website, where you will also see how to enter her Giveaway for one of her Round rollers. I'm also doing this cross-promotional Giveaway with Donna and Amy from Zoozii's to celebrate a recently published tutorial I wrote, so be sure to read my last post HERE to find out more details if you're interested in a chance to win some great prizes!

And finally, let's not forget to take some time this Memorial weekend to think about our veterans who have lost their lives in service to our country, and thank our present servicemen and women who are currently serving here at home and abroad! *Ü*


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