Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspired Design Challenge No. 1

Are you looking for a little design challenge to spark your creativity? I'm constantly looking around for new ideas to try, but I know a lot of people need a little boost or are suffering from the dreaded "Artist's Block" (and we can all certainly relate to that, right?!).

So I'd like to invite you join me in a fun new venture, beginning today: Inspired Design Challenge! On the 1st and 15th of each month, I will post a photo and during the time period in between, I would like to challenge you and myself to create one finished design or set of something based on how it inspired you. Your creative inspiration can come from the colors, textures, subject matter, or even the feeling or memory that you received when you first saw it. And anything goes—it doesn't matter if you like to work in glass like me, or prefer a different medium like clay or paint. I would love to see a variety of results, ranging from jewelry, wall art, cards, clothing, doodles—whatever your Muse jumps in and delights your heart with!

Here's the Challenge No. 1 photo, full of delicious Springtime colors from one of my favorite sources, the Design Seeds website:

Cupcake Hues

All I ask is that you keep your designs to a decent subject matter (i.e. no provocative artwork) and nothing politically motivated. Post a link to your finished project as soon as you can in a comment after this post and throughout the active working time of this Challenge I will share them on my Facebook page HERE, my Pinterest board HERE, or on the next Challenge announcement blog post.

Please post ONE photo and link to your project(s) by Thursday, June 13th. And don't forget to include what materials you used and how the photo inspired you.

I'm hoping that this will become something we will all look forward to each week and have a lot of fun sharing together. So let the creative sparks fly! *Ü*


  1. Pretty colors Lori... I love your idea!! Thank you for the inspiration and for making me want a cupcake! LOL!

    1. I know—I've been wanting one all day too, Dhea! LOL Looking forward to seeing what you're inspired to make this week too! *Ü*

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM PDT

    When do they have to be done by ..

    1. I'd love to see submissions throughout the week, so any time between last Tuesday's challenge and the following Monday would be great! Then I can update my blog on Tuesday with them after introducing the next challenge photo. Can't wait to see what you create! *Ü*

    2. Ok, here goes. Hope the link works. This was so much fun Lori. Thanks for doing this.


    3. I love these earrings, Kathy!! Did you make the main beads? And what are they made of? Very pretty and can't wait to share them!

  3. Hi Lori
    Yes I made the glass spacers as well as the main beads. They are polymer clay.
    Glad you like them.


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