Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Tribute

I remember as a child growing up, seeing my Dad solemnly put up the flag on the house to commemorate each Memorial Day and realizing what a special meaning this holiday has. My Dad served for 25 years as a tough Gunny Sergeant in the Marines and Kraig's father served as a bomber pilot and P.O.W. before it was even called the Air Force. And even though both of them have passed on, we are proud to continue the tradition of honoring the sacrifices their fellow soldiers gave to keep our country safe and free.

This year, Ashley had the wonderful idea to buy two Stars & Stripes helium balloons and suggested that each of us write a note to our Dads to attach to them. Then we could release them into the sky as a special tribute to remember them by. Kraig and I LOVED her idea and released them over our neighborhood lake, just before the rain set in.

It made us both cry to watch the balloons slowly float up into the air, but they were proud tears and we felt their presence somehow…that they knew how much they were loved and appreciated for their bravery and strength, as well as all the other wonderful things they did for us in their lifetimes… This is definitely a new tradition that we plan to do every year from now on!

Missing and thinking of you, Dad…xo


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