Monday, June 24, 2013

Breaking out the Classics: Red, White and Blue

Independence Day is right around the corner, so I figured it was about time I broke out the red, white and blue glass to create some Patriotic inspired beads!

I played around with several different red glass colors, with some being more successful than others, depending on the designs I was using them with. Red glass is notorious for turning "livery" or dark brown in spots and also for showing a lot of random streaks as it is layered on if you can't apply it in one fell swoop. The darker red shown here is Effetre's Light Red Special and the brighter red is Reichenbach's Strawberry. Both are very nice to work with and some of my favorite "go to" reds (I also love CiM's Maracchino and Sangre).

Here is another shot of most of the beads shown above, after they've been cleaned and sorted—ready to turn into some fabulous jewelry designs…

The blue I used is Lapis Blue and some of the beads were sprinkled with Silver Lake frit, which was discontinued several years ago and hard to find these days. I was very lucky and managed to find some a few weeks ago and am so glad I did! It starts out as pure white, but gets a soft blueish halo as it reacts in the flame. I love how it looks combined with the reds and gives me all three colors in just two steps.

My favorite out of this batch is the large heart focal with trails of fine silver—elegant and fun at the same time! I am also loving the dimensional effect from my new Baroque Bead roller tool and am planning on making some cool earrings with them. Next on my list is to try another version of the flower discs so that they look more like stars. So I better get cranking on the new designs so I have something fun to wear on July 4th!? *Ü*

What is your favorite thing to wear and/or do during this great holiday?


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