Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Find: Shipping Organizer

Time for another Friday Find! This is another fun discovery after a spontaneous hunting trip in my local Goodwill store…

As with many of my "finds," I didn't know what this 16" x 17" plastic black tray's original purpose was (snack tray, maybe?) but I immediately thought it had potential as some kind of organizer in my studio. When I got it home and mulled over the best use for it, I quickly decided that it would be great for helping to organize my bead orders since I was constantly moving things around my cluttered desk and it was frustrating to lose track of something when I was ready to ship it out.

But it needed a little "finishing touch" so I cut up some black velvet paper from my scrapbooking days to line the bottom of six of the largest squares. I thought it would also help cushion loose beads from scratches and this is what it looks like now:

Amazing how such a small detail can improve the look of something, isn't it? I love how it turned out and was even happier to discover that it fits perfectly on my paper trimmer, which is a part of my shipping station—a sign that this was meant to be! Here is what it looks like in use, with each section containing a receipt and packaging for orders waiting to be filled. No more hunting around for loose beads or having to triple check everything before shipping it out—YAY!

Not bad for a $2.50 investment, huh? More details about the rest of my mailing station and my studio organization progress coming soon too! *Ü*


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