Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Find: Spicy Frit Rack

Always on the look-out for a fun surprise at my local thrift shop, I happened upon this spinning spice rack the other day and thought it would make for a great storage piece! As is often the case whenever I stumble upon something like this, I wasn't quite sure what supplies I wanted to put in it at first—but then the light bulb in my brain went off and I decided it would be perfect to store my favorite frit blends in my glass studio…

I used to have my frit (crushed glass bits) stored in a plastic bin that I would have to sort through whenever I needed to find a certain color I wanted to work with. But now everything is out and easy to see—and makes for a pretty pop of color on my work table too. I forgot to take a "before" photo when I first brought it home, but I don't think it will be too hard to use your imagination for that, right? All I had to do was rinse out the empty bottles, pour in the frit, and transfer the labels from the original bags to the new jar tops (I used my handy-dandy bottle of Un-Du from my scrapbooking days—works like a charm!).

I love that it can hold so much in a compact area, especially since my table space is limited. (But to be honest, this isn't all the frit I have! LOL) The tops have flip lids so I can choose to sprinkle a little out at a time, or unscrew it to pour a larger amount.

If you don't have a need for frit storage, there are plenty of other supplies you could use this concept for, such as headpins, buttons, sequins, or small beads. The only bummer is that one of the jars was missing when I bought it—so if you happen to have an extra one of these laying around you would like to send me—please feel free! *Ü*


  1. Check your dollar stores; they sell single spice jars, usually 2/$1 or 3/$1. I tried the spice jar storage idea, but it didn't work for me. I either had too few beads for the jars, or too many.. or they were too big. Looks like it was perfect for you though :)

  2. Great idea for the Dollar Store, thanks so much!


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