Friday, January 17, 2014

40 Bead Challenge: Days 5 and 6

Its a good thing Heather Trimlett's 40 Bead Challenge is one of those "do at your own pace" things, because I had to stop it in its tracks once the Fall season hit, as I just had too much on my plate at the time. You can see how my first four bead making sessions turned out in my last post HERE. I've had my lovely strand of beads sitting on my desk all this time since, teasing my brain and begging me to get started on finishing them up—and I'm so excited that I'm finally able to get back on track with the program again!

While I would have loved to be able to complete the last 20 beads all at one time, the rules of the Challenge are to make no more than 5-6 beads in one day, so that you have time to really focus on the technique at hand, which is using nothing but heat, gravity and dots of glass to create the design. So I reluctantly reined myself in and here are the results of Days 5 and 6, continuing with my strategy of sticking with one design theme per session…

DAY 5: Overlapping Dots

Up to this point, I haven't really attempted using overlapping dots to create patterns and it turned out to be a trickier process with some of the designs than I thought it would be. These beads definitely took more time and thought that most of my others, especially the pair of scale-like designs on the far left. The one on the left was actually my first attempt to achieve the look I eventually got in the second version to its right—but I love how this "happy accident" turned out!

DAY 6: Flowers Revisited

And since I can never get enough of flowers in real life or in my beads, I decided to dedicate another day to seeing what other floral designs I could come up with, using only dots of glass as my medium. The one on the far right is my favorite and was the most intricate to create, of course! I love how it turned out looking like something from a Damask fabric and I would love to explore this pattern in more depth with other color combinations!

And here is what my strand containing all the Days I've done so far looks like…

My goal was to keep all my beads as close in size as possible, but seems like they got a little bigger after the first two days? I might have to go back and re-make those if I decide to put them all into a necklace after I'm done with the Challenge (yeah, I'm a Perfectionist and Glutton-for-Punishment type of person! LOL) But for now, I'm pretty happy with how these all look and already have my design themes for the last two sessions planned out! *Ü*


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