Saturday, January 25, 2014


I am so beyond excited to watch the Super Bowl next weekend, mainly because our beloved Seahawks will be there! In preparation for the epic battle that we're all anticipating, I made a few beads to show my support for our team…

The hearts were made with the same technique as the red Valentine's Day ones I shared in my previous post, and the two big-hole charm beads will go on a bracelet with a few other beads in Seattle colors. I still need to core them with sterling, but I couldn't wait to take a photo and share. The one on the right has hearts going all around the band, while the one on the left also has hearts, but in a different colorway—I even figured out how to sneak in a reference to "the 12th Man" in there!

I had so much fun making these, that I think I will start to offer them for sale through my Facebook page and Etsy shop in any other team colors that faithful fans might want (but the Broncos fans will have to pay double! LOL).

Just hope I don't lose my voice cheering the Hawks on like I did last time! *Ü*


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