Monday, January 13, 2014

The Birthday That Shall Not Be Named

Okay, there is a point in everyone's life when you hit a big age milestone and can't help but say to yourself "It's all downhill from here?!"…and this year, I hit it hard! LOL So I've decided that every year from now on, I'm going to insist that my friends and family refer to my birthday as "The One That Shall Not Be Named," in honor of all the years we had Harry Potter fanatics running around the house (myself included!). We shall celebrate and enjoy it just as much, but without needing to see or discuss the way those pesky numbers keep climbing up and making me feel way older than I do on the inside!

In addition to the table full of lovely and thoughtful gifts that surprised me in the morning, I also enjoyed getting sweet phone calls from both of my daughters who are away at college (I still can't believe they each remembered on their own?!?) and earlier in the week, I received some new Bead Roller tools that I couldn't resist ordering for myself. I'm hoping to play with these soon and perhaps make some jewelry for myself with the beads they make too?

My wonderful hubby, Kraig, also made me a special breakfast and gave me a choice between three different cake mixes and two icing flavors that he offered to make himself for my cake. And as if that wasn't enough—his gift was a surprise trip for just the two of us to Hawaii, all planned by himself!! Now can I pick 'em, or what?!?! He's going to whisk me away this Winter so we can try and see the whales like I've always wanted to do, and I am beyond excited!!

All in all, it was a quiet, but wonderful day and I enjoyed all the birthday wishes I received from my Facebook friends too. I feel extremely blessed and thank you all so much for helping to make this day extra special! *Ü*


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