Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Design Series: Vetro Antico

As a lifelong admirer of Old World antiquities and travel to Italy (three times so far!), it only makes sense that I would be totally in love with ancient Roman glass artifacts for as long as I can remember. So when I say I am beyond excited to offer this new design series inspired by these loves—that is an understatement! LOL

I'm calling it "Vetro Antico" which roughly translates to "ancient glass" in Italian and it's a series that I've been wanting to create from when I first started lampworking about seven years ago. But as with a lot of my *great* ideas, I often let them sit and percolate in my subconscious and design sketch book while I work on more pressing things, until my Muse jumps up and demands that she is in the mood to tackle it. Well, a few weeks ago she practically screamed in my ear to get started and this is what I've been creating in my studio so far…

A big part of my design influence is ancient Italian glass jewelry, which often had a lot of gold included in the designs. This focal has 23K Italian gold layered on the inside and also "gilded" on top of my variation of the Lotus flower, which was a popular motif in Roman architecture and design. I have also given it a subtle "aged" effect that creates a pitted and matte texture in random areas. It is even prettier in person, where you can really see how it glows in the hand!

Antico Focal No. 1
Antico Gilded Spacers
Antico Gilded Earring Drops

These next sets are more rustic in nature, but still coordinate perfectly with the gilded designs since they are all made with the same glass color, but treated with a stronger aging effect…

*sigh* There's just something about this soft blue-green color and the unexpected surface patina that is so soothing and elegant…it brings to mind a curiosity about ancient peoples who may have worn something similar, or serene beaches for these modern times. I feel that these beads all have so many different possibilities and I can't wait to make some statement jewelry pieces with them!

These all sold almost immediately after I shared them on my Facebook page, but I am busy making more on request and for upcoming local bead shows. And there are still many more shapes and designs knocking around in my head, waiting impatiently to come out—so be sure to come back and visit soon if you're in love with this series as much as I am?! *Ü*


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